Why BGMI Game best and Popular in India?

The full form of BGMI game is Battlegrounds Mobile India, this game started after the PUBG MOBILE game. PUBG MOBILE game was launched in March 2018, after the arrival of this game, its popularity increased rapidly all over the world and the number of players playing this game kept increasing in India also. And on 2 September 2020, the Government of India, keeping some security in mind, banned this game in India due to which no one can play PUBG MOBILE game in India.

And after some time, PUBG mobile’s parent company Krafton, after conveyance to the Indian government, Developed a copy game of PUBG MOBILE especially for Indian people, which was named BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI), And this is how the Battlegrounds Mobile India game was released in india on May 29, 2023.

Why bgmi best and Popular in India
BGMI best game

Why BGMI game best in India?

BGMI is a bestest battle Royale game in India, there are lots of qualities why BGMI is so best and some reasons are mentioned below:

  • High Quality Graphics: BGMI game has high quality graphics so that make better experience during gameplay.
  • Realistic view in game: When we start playing this game, we are shown many trees, plants, houses etc. in this game which look very realistic and that is why people like the Realistic view in Game Match.
  • Social conection: if you are playing the game, then in this game people like you join you as your teammates, which you can do even after playing and in this way you can socialize with unknown people in BGMI GAME. Can make connections and friendship.
  • Bug Free Game: There are a large number of people playing BGMI Game, hence the company fixes bugs by finding every bag in the game and the reported bugs are fixed in every new BGMI update.

BGMI Game popularity in India

India has the highest number of users playing BGMI GAME, about 35 million people have BGMI accounts and out of these, about 20 million people are active users i.e. they play BGMI GAME.

One of the main reasons for the increasing popularity of BGMI game is the availability of capable devices in the hands of youth to play BGMI game. And the second reason is that this BGMI game entertains people with very good game play and there is no other game in its competition that can compete with this game. That’s why people find BGMI game to be the best and fun game.

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