Best X-suits in BGMI game, Get free X-Suit outfit, Price, list ETC

In the BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) game, you must have seen some BGMI players who have very beautifully dressed (outfit) characters. And when he kills any enemy in the game, his name flashes in BGMI kill feed with a very beautiful and VIP animation, which is the hallmark of pro BGMI players and rich BGMI players, All this wonder is due to X-suit he bought in bgmi game. Do you also want to know how to buy this one x suit in BGMI and how many types of different x suits are there in BGMI.

X-suits in BGMI Game

Let’s take a look into the world of X Suits have a special identity in BGMI and to get them, BGMI X Suit Purchase can be an exciting process.

Fiore BGMI x suit 5 star

Fiore X Suit gives a beautiful and magical look to your character in BGMI. At the 5 star level, it becomes even more beautiful and gets special interactions and animations, making your gaming experience even more fun.

Golden Pharaoh X-Suit

Golden Pharaoh X-Suit BGMI outfit: as the name suggests, makes you feel like the Egyptian kings in bgmi game. The X Suit BGMI Price is quite high may be more than 1 lakh UC, because its design and features are unmatched. It is every player’s dream to get it in BGMI X Suit Crate Opening.

Blood Raven X-Suit

Blood Raven X-Suit in bgmi: Blood Raven This is also a popular option for BGMI X Suit Purchase. Players are very excited in the hope of getting it during the X Suit Crate Opening.

Poseidon X-Suit

The Poseidon X-Suit in bgmi, inspired by Poseidon, the god of the sea, transports you to the majestic world of the deep sea. Getting it in BGMI X Suit Crate Opening can be a thrilling experience and its X Suit BGMI Price is also quite high.

Every X Suit has a unique story behind it and the process of getting them in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India), which includes BGMI These suits not only give a different identity to your avatar but also give a new dimension to your playing experience. BGMI X Suit Crate Opening is a process that makes you feel a new hope and excitement every time. When you look at the X Suit BGMI Price, it is important that you manage your UC (in-game currency) properly so that you can get your favorite X Suit.

Avalanche X-Suit

This BGMI X-Suit (Avalanche X-Suit) outfit captures the icy landscapes and coolness of Antarctica. Its blue and gold design takes players into a magical and cool atmosphere. Getting the Avalanche X-Suit in the BGMI X Suit Crate Opening can be an exciting experience.

Silvanus X-Suit

Silvanus X-Suit in bgmi
Silvanus X-Suit in bgmi

Inspired by the power of nature and vegetation, the Silvanus X-Suit is the epitome of greenery and scenic beauty. Its mix of green and white color takes players closer to nature. During BGMI X Suit Purchase, this suit is quite popular among nature lovers.

Iridescence X-Suit

Iridescence X-Suit
Iridescence X-Suit

This X-Suit attracts the attention of players with its bright and colorful golden glow. Its design is inspired by a mummy or a pyramid and is a unique addition to BGMI. According to the X Suit BGMI Price, Iridescence X-Suit can become the first choice of many players.

Arcane Jester X-Suit

Arcane Jester X-Suit
Arcane Jester X-Suit

If you’re looking for a different and unique X-Suit, the Arcane Jester X-Suit might be for you. Its design is based on an evil clown and makes it mysterious and unique. Through this, your character will appear in a special form in BGMI, which will attract the attention of the audience and other players. The experience of getting it during BGMI X Suit Crate Opening can be really exciting.

Stygian Liege X-Suit

Stygian Liege X-Suit bgmi outfit
Stygian Liege X-Suit

The theme of this X-Suit is Gothic and mystical, with a striking blend of deep red and black. The Stygian Liege X-Suit provides BGMI players with superhuman strength and a regal appearance. This suit is the first choice of many people while purchasing BGMI X Suit.

Marmoris X-Suit

The Marmoris X-Suit, the latest addition to BGMI, is based on a nautical theme and its design is inspired by the depths and mysteries of the ocean. Its special design and color combination makes the player character look like a sea god. X Suit BGMI Price is reasonable considering its unique design and features.

Bgmi xsuit

These X-Suits in BGMI not only give a special identity to your avatar but also enhance your performance and morale in the game. The process of BGMI X Suit Crate Opening and BGMI X Suit Purchase is an exciting part of the game, allow players to make their gaming experience more unique. So, if you are existing player in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) and looking to give a new look to your gaming avatar, then do check out the X Suit options. These suits will not only give you a unique look but will also help in taking your performance in the game to a new level.

BGMI x suits FAQ

What is X suit in BGMI?

The X Suit is an upgradeable mythic outfit in BGMI that gives a unique look to the player’s avatar.

How much does UC cost in Bgmi X Suit?

The price of suits varies and upgrading them can also cost a significant amount of UC upto 500000 UC in BGMI. Check inside BGMI for detailed information.

How do I get the X Suit?

To get any X Suit in bgmi you will have to participate in X-Suit events in BGMI and may have to spend UC.

How to get X-Suit in BGMI free?

You will not need UC to get Free X Suit in BGMI. You can get the X Suit for free by participating in special events, lucky draws, or challenges. These occasions often occur on special occasions for BGMI such as festivals, game anniversaries, or the start of a new season. Keep checking the official page or app of BGMI for information about these events.

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