BGMI 3.1 Arabian Nights Theme mode what’s new update

BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI) new update Arabian Nights Theme Mode whose version is “BGMI 3.1 (BGMI v3.1)” is soon . This mode takes BGMI players into a magical world with Middle-Eastern features, where a treasure trove of mystery and adventure is hidden. The Erangel Map in ‘bgmi 3.1 new update‘ is decorated with Middle-Eastern architecture.

BGMI 3.1 update is inspired Aladdin and Genie, and new vehicle like the Magic Carpet will give you the experience of flying through the air in BGMI new update 3.1 . Genie lamps will grant special powers in game match after getting “wish“, and new weapons and gadgets will make magic even more fun And it is going to be a memorable journey in this Genie BGMI v3.1 of BGMI game. Let us now know on which date this new update of BGMI will come and what new will be there in it.

New BGMI 3.1 update Release date

Battlegrounds Mobile India latest update release date: Bgmi’s new update Arabian Nights Theme Mode will be seen soon, will you get the update on Play Store at the end of March. If you want to download and play BGMI v3.1 now, then you can download its APK file as a beta tester before the release date.
Game NameBattlegrounds mobile India (BGMI)
ThemeArabian Nights Theme
new vehicleflying carpet
New weapon in gameP90 and dancing grenade
BGMI update size2.6GB
Download file formatAPK
new BGMI APK file download

Download BGMI

What’s new in BGMI 3.1 update?

You are going to get a lot of new things in the latest update of BGMI, especially you will like updates like Genie, Flying Carpet, Nimbus Island. So let us now know one by one, what is new in BGMI 3.1 update?

Nimbus Iceland

Nimbus Island

The latest update of BGMI 3.1 introduces a new Iceland map called Nimbus Island, which includes Day Island and Night Island. Day Island is ideal for lighting and visibility during bgmi game matches to easily kill enemies in virtual games match, while Night Island is better for secrecy and ambushes. After a specific timer, players reach a higher area of ​​the game, where the Blue Zones do not damage. Players,and get a Respawn Card upon entering this island. There are three areas on Nimbus Island (Port, Market and Palace), with the Palace area providing the best supplies. In this way, in BGMI 3.1 you will get to see Nimbus Island in Erangel map, Livik map and Miramar map.

Major fun fact of Nimbus Island in BGMI 3.1 update

  • In BGMI 3.1 Nimbus Island is a floating Iceland like mirror world Iceland.
  • if you want to go nimbus Island, there is only way direct jump from plane to the Iceland.
  • It will be a hot drop ine BGMI 3.1
  • in the Iceland blue zone doesn’t damage.
  • in this bgmi new update 3.1 the Iceland is only for starting 10 minutes in Erangel map.

Arabian Nights Theme mode in BGMI 3.1

In this new update of BGMI (BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA) GAME, you will get to see a lot of new things like the team of 6th anniversary of pubg mobile game will also be seen in it along with Arabian Nights Theme will also be seen, but in this new update of BGMI “bgmi 3.1” is called Arabian Nights Bgmi Update. So let’s see what new we will get in the new update of BGMI 3.1 which will be completely different from BGMI 3.0.

Bgmi 3.1 Arabian Nights Theme

Bgmi 3.1 Arabian Nights Theme new mode will take you to a magical gaming experiance on the Erangel map, map and Miramar map where you will find Arabian-style buildings and environments. In this theme mode BGMI 3.1, the Erangel map is given a magical touch inspired by the images of the Arabian nights. Bgmi Players can stock the Sage location with Arabic architecture and decorations.

bgmi 6th anniversary celebration with cake

bgmi new update BGMI 3.1 6th anniversary celebration: in this new bgmi update you will find mini hotdrop place during match in bgmi. In this mini hot drop you will get some loots, and you can celebrate 6th anniversary of pubg with cake and Genie. Also you can take if picture with Genie and 6th anniversary big size cake in the match.

BGMI/Pubg 6th anniversary cake photo with Genie

Magic Carpet & Flynig carpet

Magic Carpet, this is a new vehicle in Bgmi 3.1 which is found only on Nimbus island. This magic carpet can be blown in the air and can also be put in bags like Air Car & Bicycle. The flying carpet can fly over Erangel map and four teammates can fly in it simultaneously in bgmi 3.1 Update.

Flying carpet coping your emotes: In BGMI 3.1 update, if you keep the flying carpet in front during the game match and you emote here, then this flying carpet will also copy your emote which gives a lot of fun.

Battlegrounds Mobile India

Genie wishes in BGMI 3.1

BGMI 3.1 new update After going to the event island, along with the Raspan card, you will find an Aladdin’s genie lamp in the middle of a floating event island (Nimbus island), on going near which a wish button will appear and this wish will be fulfilled. After pressing the wish button you will get supplies loot and power.

Dancing Grenades in BGMI 3.1

The Dancing Grenade added in BGMI 3.1 update is a new and interesting discovery that doubles the fun of the game. In this new BGMI Arabian Nights update, when you throw Dancing Grenade at enemies, they automatically start dancing for some time, which distracts them and gives you a chance to attack them. With this unique feature, the new BGMI 3.1 Arabian nights theme update has added a new twist to the gameplay, making the game not only more entertaining but also strategic.

Floating boat on map in BGMI 3.1 new update

In this latest bgmi 3.1 update you will get floating boats in match, if you have playing carpet then you can fly the boat

cannon in BGMI 3.1 new update: in this boat for exit, you will get a cannon Which will fire you on the map and in these you will be able to land from the parachute. In bgmi 3.1 update the cannon show you 2 button which is “fire yourself” and only “fire“, if you click on Fire button then you show a cracker fired by the cannon and then you can enjoy 6th anniversary animation.

Treasure map in BGMI 3.1

in this bgmi new update, you will find a treasure map during bgmi match. And this map when you open then you can able to see treasure box locations on over map. And the treasure box has some loots it’s look like a small box when you go to near the box then it will glow.

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